Love It or Hate It –
Everyone’s Dancing the Energy

Watching the national scene over the last year has been very educational. Some days I’m able to maintain my balance; others not so much. What this chaotic environment has shown me is where I still hold automatic positions. I found that the more “compelled” I feel to defend my position, the more habitual programming is underneath my behavior. This awareness allows me to have more choices. I can choose to keep the position, let go of it, or adopt another. If I choose to keep a long held position, then I know there’s a reservoir of energy and other goodies stored in my body, available for tapping, should I ever change my mind.

Why Do We Seem to Be So Polarized?

I hate to state the obvious, but we are seeing Metaphysics 101 in action. The reason why people seem to be so polarized is because the energy is polarized. Folks are just dancing on the pole of the energy that is most aligned with who they are. Being anywhere else doesn’t feel safe.

What Purpose Does Polarity Serve?

You Asked for It

I had my spiritual awakening just before the Harmonic Convergence. I joined with other seekers, praying for a world more in Divine flow. We treasure mapped the new world. We studied old scriptures and sacred objects that depicted the New Earth. We talked about it, had discussion groups about what it might like be, read and shared books, and worried about whether our unenlightened family members would be able to join us. So, the Universe was and is very clear about what we asked for, what we called from the Unseen to the Seen.

Given that this planet is a natural world, governed by Universal Law, what you ask for, you receive when you are ready to receive it. Some call this being a vibrational match. The process of moving the manner, means, people, and circumstances your desire requires in order that it can be Seen (manifestation process) continues for days, months, years, decades, even lifetimes, until you change your mind. Whether you consciously remember what you called to you, every move on your life’s journey gets you at least one step closer to actualizing what you asked for.

You Aren’t in Control

The biggest reason why you don’t like the actualization of the New Earth is that you don’t like the manifestation process that is bringing it into being. You feel like you can’t control it. The energy feels chaotic. The old structures you relied on for feelings of safety and security are crumbling. There’s no one that’s gone through this process before, so you can’t rely on their wisdom. (Yes, people have done the dimensional shift before, but in the past they have dropped their bodies.)

What if I told you that you are NEVER in control of the manifestation process? What if I told you that you are the decider of reality not the producer? What if almost none of your actions create the world you want to live in? What if just asking for the New Earth set what you are experiencing now in motion?

People are children of the Divine, made in Divine’s image. They, therefore, are the selectors of what they prefer to experience. Agents of Divine, found in Nature, are the manifesters of your choices. All that interfering and trying to control Nature’s work gives you is a slower timeline for actualizing your desires.

What Is the Purpose for Being Out of Control?

Your reality, experience, and old world is out of your control. There are earthquakes, hurricanes, school shootings, bombs going off in theaters, banks failing, people losing their homes…. Really, the list goes on forever. The old world is slipping away from you. So, you find some similarly attuned folk to hang out with on your pole of the energy because at least you won’t feel alone when the old earth disappears. Then, you all fight to stay on that turf together while the world around you crumbles. And, you ask “Why? Why? Why?” as you build a group identity that makes you feel safer. You look at everyone through the group lens of safety. Then, you see people who don’t fit into your group. They are listening to a different tune on their turf on the opposite energy pole. Because you want to feel safe, you believe what you are told – that only one group will survive. And, you inwardly say to the Universe, “Take them. They are evil, unworthy of life. See me. I’m good. If you can only save one group, save me and mine.” Now, doesn’t that sound a little insane coming from people who prayed for the New Earth, the more balanced Earth, the more just Earth, the Earth that is in Divine flow? Where did your faith go?

Your faith went the way of your control. You are out of faith because you believe circumstances aren’t under your control. You are out of control because you were never in control. The matter, means, people, circumstances, and resources are all being lined up to deliver the new, more balanced, more just, more in the flow Earth you prayed for. You just don’t like the process because it doesn’t look like, smell like, taste like, sound like, or feel like what you had imagined. So, you are hanging with your homies reacting/responding according to the stuff inside of you because the big old bad Universe just showed you who is in control, and it’s not you.

Let’s Get Back to the Polarity Play

Why is the energy polarized? What purpose does it serve? How is it the answer to our prayers for a New Earth? Again, let’s stroll back to Metaphysics 101. We have two opposing forces pulling on third dimensional reality. Think of the third dimension like it’s a rubber band. Both ends are being stretched almost to the point of breaking. The more each side resists what is, the closer the rubber band is to snapping. This polarity is the Divine’s answer to your prayers because when the difference between the poles is so great it can no longer be bridged, that rubber band will snap and catapult the third dimensional reality into the New Earth.

Nothing Is Right; Nothing Is Wrong

What is happening now is the Divine Plan unfolding according to your own choices, communicated in multiple ways over multiple time frames. You are right on the edge of realizing that the New Earth is right here, right now. You could be enjoying the journey of awakening your awareness. Did you know that there are people who actually just watch what is going on in the world and have no judgments about it? Did you know that there are small communities of like-purposed people springing up all over the planet, building “islands of sustainability” where they have chosen to create what they love? You could be one of them. I could live in that realm more often, myself. All it takes is really looking at what is, knowing that it is not good for you, not bad for you. It just is what it is. Once you take stock of what is, without trying to explain it away, without trying to beat yourself up for what you’ve created so far, you will find a freedom to receive everything you have ever dreamed of. When you can come from a place of allowing what you have already created, you will be welcome on the New Earth.



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