Questioning Wrongness of Emotions

Wrong Way Sign for Questioning Wrongness of Emotions

Is Cleaning Up Your Emotions Working for You?
Questioning Wrongness of Emotions

Have you ever noticed that most of us spend little time questioning wrongness of  emotions. We just assume we know that positive emotions are good, and negative emotions are bad. I’d like to share a conversation that I had in the hope that it will open up some space around this topic for you.

I was talking to a good friend this morning. This is a very metaphysical lady who does her best to walk her talk. She shared with me this morning that she was cleaning up her emotions, because what she currently is feeling was recycled emotions from her relationship with one of her parents. So, I asked, “How long have you been doing that?” She said, “Ever since I started taking responsibility for what I put out in the world.” Then, I continued with this question, “When will you finish cleaning up your emotions?” She said, “Even though it’s better, every once in awhile my parent stuff comes up.”

Then, I started to move into the energy of this pattern and knew “cleaning up her emotions” was a stuck pattern, created by her desire to be more, do more, and have more. Like many others, she obviously had a mentor who erroneously convinced her that correcting “the wrongness” of her emotions (and, therefore “her wrongness”) would create more of what she desired. Nothing could be further from the truth. Clearing techniques only create more opportunities to clear.

What if There’s No Wrongness?

Since I really care for my friend, I asked her, “What if there’s no wrongness to clear up? What if there is just energy in motion (e-motion)? What if the e-motions you allow to flow feel “good?” What if the e-motions you suppress feel “not good?” What if the only reason you feel not good is your conditioned habit to suppress certain energies instead of letting them flow?”

After a huge pause and sigh of breath from her, I felt she was open to hear me. So,  I continued, “If Infinite Source is the Source of All Creation, how could any part of energy be wrong, or for that matter, right? Isn’t it really just energy? It’s either flowing or not flowing in your awareness. But, it’s still just moving energy. There’s nothing to clean up. You’ve just been conditioned to judge yourself and your emotions.”

Emotions Can Be Potent

I then shared one of the most powerful teachings I ever received on the potency of strong, fast moving emotions like anger. My mentor said, “If you direct anger to a challenge or issue instead of to a person, it can break a pattern quite quickly. So, why would you see it as a wrongness when judging keeps you impotent in the face of a pattern you want to change?”

Free Yourself from the Insanity

Repeating the same behavior over and over again expecting a different result is the height of insanity. So, why would you spend a lifetime clearing the wrongness of emotions when you can clear the program that keeps you stuck in the insanity? There are multiple ways to deprogram. A simple way to do this is to bring the light of your awareness on the program. Programs like to stay hidden in the dark. Once you are aware of them, they lose their hold on you. Another simple way to deprogram is to ask empowering questions. Empowering questions are ones that begin, “How can I…?” “What would it take for…?” The more you question, the looser the energy.

You Are Okay!

As Divine’s child, you are perfect, whole, and complete.  So, why not go with the flow and let what is be what it is? The moment you practice allowing what is, there will only be energy in motion when feel what you feel. Then, in between the movements you will begin to feel the stillness of the Peace of God.





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