Ready for the Next Level on the Spiritual Path?

Three earths between the worlds

What Transcendent Journey Is  About: Getting Ready for the Next Level on the Spiritual Path Scenario One – You Are Shifting Levels Being on the spiritual path will change your life. For most who embark on this journey, this notion will excite them. After all, aren’t there goodies out there to experience – trips to Read More…


Happy July 4th!

Statue of Liberty


Summer Solstice 2014 Teaching

Altars in My Sacred Space

Summer Solstice 2014 Teaching: Medicine Wheels, Altars, Vision Boards Summer Solstice, the first day of summer and the longest day of the year, began at 6:50 a.m. edt this morning. The next few days are great times to check in with what you would like to experience during the 2014-15 cyclical year. The Summer Solstice Read More…


Memorial Day Tribute

Memorial Day Tribute

Remembering the Heroes in My Life Memorial Day Tribute As I’m getting older, it has become apparent that many of our family stories may not get passed to the next generation. So, I was inspired to write a few things down about the members of my family who served in the Armed Forces. This is Read More…


Michael and Me

Those who favor fire by immaliea

For Newbies to My Work with Archangel Michael One of my new friends from SARK’s class for creatives, Susan Guild, asked a great question about how I work with Archangel Michael. Sometimes people who haven’t worked with Michael and me together have a hard time figuring out who is talking. We both get so excited, Read More…

Solar Flare

Latest from The Global Coherence Initiative Solar Cycle News and How It Effects You I love it when science and spirituality meet. I also love it when ancient and modern knowledge combine to form a more complete picture of life on Mother Earth. Here’s a wonderful article that demonstrates both from the Global Coherence Initiative: Read More…


The Folly of Judgment for Rock Hounds

Crystal Cluster

The Folly of Judgment for Rock Hounds A good friend who knows you are a rock hound sponsors a trip to go crystal mining in Arkansas. You  are so excited because you just know you are going to find the gem of all gems to add to your collection. So, you prepare for the mining Read More…


The Folly of Judgment


The Folly of Judgment Life is like going to a magnificent buffet. There are hundreds of delicious and attractively presented foods to choose from –appetizers, salads, vegetables, meat, desserts. You can pick your plate up, walk down the line, and choose any dish. If you want to get the most pleasure from your buffet experience, Read More…


Honoring Divine

White Tara Altar

Making Sacred Space for Wesak by Honoring Divine Preparing for a ceremony like our journey meditation to the Wesak Valley can make profound shifts in your daily experience. Yet, making sacred space is quite simple. Begin your day by acknowledging the Divine in everyone and everything and continue throughout the day. The practice can be Read More…

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