Want to Create a Better World?
Allow a Total Meltdown

After watching the events of the last month, I decided to hang out with a friend from the Michael Soul Family.  We had the privilege of talking to one of the Grandmothers of the Michael Council. This week I’ll be writing a few posts about this experience. Today’s post is background for the downloads to come, “Want to Create a Better World? Allow a Total Meltdown.”

The Irony

For over 30 years, I have watched good people pray with the best of intentions for a better world, a more just world, a kinder world, a more compassionate world, a world of abundant support. Now, that the change is finally in time and people can see their prayers being answered, many are trying to pray the very changes they sought away because they don’t like how the change process looks:

Those who are pledged to protect and serve have turned into murderers – blindly shooting and killing without rhyme or reason – fueled by fears that aren’t even real – wrapped and warped in an illusion that has been fed by media visions, moving pictures and games of war craft that have been propagated and celebrated for far too long.

[W]e must POUR THE [HEALING] WATERS NOW upon this burning planet.

A… W…

The Purpose of Total Meltdown

When I saw this email, I barely paid attention to it because I understand how steep change works. There isn’t anything to fix. There are no perpetrators to fight. There are no victims to support. There’s steep change at deep energetic levels occurring which is outpicturing so that we can experience the results of making different choices and praying for help to make them so.

Do I have compassion for friends and family members who are left behind? Of course, I do, and I certainly say a prayer for their support. Do I judge the actors in this change play? Truthfully, I do at times. After all, I am human. But, when I then realign myself with Source and understand that what I’m seeing is part of the change process, I feel okay. What I’m seeing is not good for me. It’s not bad for me. It is what is. It’s a part of the chaos that occurs before an all-encompassing shift.

What can’t move into the next world is melting down. Traditional medicine no longer serves patients (See http://drcarolyndean.com/2016/07/total-body-meltdown/). Political parties are stuck in their viewpoints and spend most of their time arguing. So, government isn’t serving the people anymore. Religious practitioners are so fixed on the rightness of their perspective, that they are willing to kill anyone who doesn’t share their beliefs. The energy and time spent on the argument between the environmentally conscious and companies who create and manufacture GMOs is tied up so that food isn’t moving easily into areas of the world where people are starving. The rift between those who work to achieve their American dream and those who believe they are entitled to be given everything is ever widening. The band of energy that holds together opposites is ready to snap, and when it does, those who choose to live in the new world will be catapulted into the next step of their journey.

So, if the meltdown of old constructs is evidence that you are being catapulted into living in the new world – and that is the answer to decades of your prayers – why would you want to pray it away?

What Can I Do?

Everyone who reads this blog has tools to help them return to neutral – journaling, writing and burning, voice dialogue, chatting with a friend, petting their dog or cat. Once you decide you’ve expressed your emotions as much as you wish, I encourage you to pick a favorite tool of the moment and clear out the viewpoints that create your emotional responses. “Kick it into neutral.” This neutral place is a state where you can receive inspiration, have clear choice, and are completely empowered.

My next post will be about moving your focus from global to local. It’s the first piece of information the Michael Grandmother gave us yesterday. Looking forward to sharing with you.


Grateful for the photo of the earthquake taken from http://bbc.com.



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