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For Newbies to My Work
with Archangel Michael

One of my new friends from SARK’s class for creatives, Susan Guild, asked a great question about how I work with Archangel Michael. Sometimes people who haven’t worked with Michael and me together have a hard time figuring out who is talking. We both get so excited, the signal comes in and translates so fast, I feel he just grabs for my words to speed the translation process up. That seems to manifest at times in our  work, for example, as me translating the words “I” and “we” interchangeably. I think this especially is true when Michael and I do telecalls. He usually has quite a lot planned between the energy transfer he gives and the words he shares. It’s been my experience that we both are very cognizant of the passing of time in form reality and responding to as many calls for support as he can.

From Transchannel to Transceiver

If you are new to working with Archangel Michael and me, I wrote a post about the evolution of our working relationship: I heartily suggest that you read about how our work has morphed over almost 30 years. This post will answer all your questions on how I see receiving and transmitting Michael’s messages.

What You Can Expect
from Working with Michael and Me

Archangel Michael focuses on creating ceremonial space where he transfers sacred energy to those who connect with him through me. From his perspective, all the data, activations, and help you need is contained in the energy, and he trusts you  to open the packets, keys, and codes and activate the support he provides, when it is appropriate for you. (Michael asked me to add here that most of the packets, keys, codes, and activations are timed to energy cycles. So, please don’t worry about having conscious information about when to release them. :)) Michael has often said that the teachings or talks he gives are entertainment for your cognitive mind. When the labyrinth of your mind is engaged in his words, then the true energy transfer can happen in the silence between the words.

That’s why when you work with us together Michael lets you hear how he invokes the sacred container for the energy he is going to transfer. He will also pray his intentions, do meditation practices with you, and tone to prepare everyone for receiving the energy transfer. Then, the talk begins, and most of the time the topics under discussion are relevant to the energy that is being delivered. At the end of Michael’s conversation with you, he withdraws his connections to everyone and seals the space.

No Separation

The only other thing that may help you get the most out of the Michael and me experience is remembering that he is quite serious when he says, “There is only One, and that One is all things, and all things flow from that One.” He doesn’t see a concrete divide between physical and non-physical, here and there, Michael and me. Since he knows he is an expression of Infinite Source, he recognizes Infinite Source within all of creation. He, therefore, values, honors, and respects everyone and everything and doesn’t hold a view of greater than or less than. So, he doesn’t perceive that he has answers, skills, knowledge, and processes that you don’t. He just understands that you have yet to choose to completely remember who you are and live that authentically. Since you asked for help, he comes to provide it.

I hope that by describing how working with Michael and me flows, you find more joy in our next Fireside Chat on Wednesday, June 11, 2014 at 9:00 p.m. edt, where we will return to the Wesak Valley to participate in the Buddha’s Water Blessing.

Picture credit:    Those who favor fire by Imaliea





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