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Truth about Actualization

Wendy and Melody-Rose, Archangel Rafael’s and my human counterparts, asked why we chose to rewrite an Actualization Primer as the first step to recreate sections of the sacred libraries which have been lost or hidden from mankind. We simply chose this starting point because being, doing, and having more means so much to you. As well, actualization, choosing what you wish to experience next and communicating that choice, is probably the most misunderstood process on the Planet.

Why Can’t I Actualize What I Want?

This question indicates a broad and deep sense of lack. Is that lack really true? Do you never actualize what you want? Or, is there just one or two subjects where you get stuck?

Let me use Melody-Rose as an example. She is working on actualizing safe, reliable, legal transportation for her little family. The actualization process is sticky, and she gets frustrated with the car situation and talks as if nothing in her life works. Let’s not judge where she gets to in the labyrinth of her mind; most humans go to the, “Nothing is working for me” position, when their actualizations get sticky.

A few days ago, Melody-Rose watched a video on this subject done by one of her beloved mentors, SARK. In the video, SARK and her partners asked people what they were good at actualizing. A light bulb went off for Melody-Rose, and she could actually list the areas where her actualizations were so easy and effortless, that she even forgets they happen.

Some Examples from Melody-Rose’s
List of Easy Actualizations

Books on specific subjects or specific books – Friends mail and drop off books that I’ve been wanting to read all the time. One of my friends often brings 5 or 6 books she wants to lend me when she visits, and they almost always include several of the books I am looking for.

Methods to help others heal – As a long time Reiki master, when a friend of a friend or animal I know about presents with a challenging healing issue, all I have to do is get quiet, and the way that I can help just comes to me. As I’m doing the healing work, if I need tools, I find them around the house almost instantaneously. If I have questions, I immediately hear the answers. More than 95% of the folk I work on in this way have desired results, everything from a complete healing to more time with their loved ones.

Food when I’m hungry and my budget is low – I can’t remember how many times I’ve been hungry, wanted to eat, looked at the budget, decided not to get food, and had a friend or family member phone to take me out for a meal. One of my friends and I were in Florida a few years back and wanted to get some takeout and didn’t have a budget for that, so we went for a walk. We found a $100 bill on the sidewalk, went to have a meal, and had food money for the rest of the weekend. This is not the first time this has happened.

 The Truth about Actualization

So, the truth about actualization is that you actualize all the time. If you choose to live another day, you actualize waking up, breathing, your heart beating, your brain running the show, and so on. If you like the coffee in the morning experience, you’ve actualized the coffee maker, coffee, good quality water, honey, and the raw milk you use. If you enjoy eggs for breakfast, it is likely that you have actualized a dozen, and they are sitting in your refrigerator.

So Why Do I Have Sticky Areas?

Have you noticed that the areas of actualization that you take for granted are easy for you? You are so aligned with the outcome, that you don’t even spend any time thinking about how you get from here (where you are now) to there (where the actualization shows up in your life). In other words, you don’t have any rules about the actualization that prevent you from relaxing and allowing the process to run its course and timing.

But, when you have areas where the process is so sticky it looks like the actualization is never going to happen, what you will notice is that you have a lot of rules on the subject. I have permission to take another example from Melody-Rose’s life – her relationship with technology. Melody-Rose has a rule, “I am the kiss of death for technology.” She restates that rule at least once a day when her cell phone, laptop, or Kindle isn’t behaving. I asked her what she means when says, “My technology doesn’t behave.” She said, “The tech doesn’t do what I want it to do, the way I want it done, when I want it done.” I’ve also heard her say that her laptop has developed Windows 8 behavior, as a Windows 7 computer, that she doesn’t want or appreciate. Since she has so many rules to break, it’s no wonder that her equipment seems to have an antagonistic relationship with her. Her rules; her reality.

Actualization Primer and Interactive Course

If you were willing to release all of your rules today, once your cellular memories and the toxins connected to those memories flushed out, you would be open to actualizing an infinite number of possibilities for your life. Since we understand that most people would like to move in this direction, but in a step-by-step fashion, we are writing the Actualization Primer and its corresponding Interactive Course. Think of this material as  a bridge between where you are now and you relaxing and allowing infinite possibilities.

Own Work

To begin shifting any stickiness you may be experiencing as an actualizer, I suggest that you own your creative choices and make a list of all the actualizations that you complete easily, effortlessly, and joyfully. You know which ones – the ones you may take for granted.









Truth about Actualization

Messages from Michael – Truth about Actualization Wendy and Melody-Rose, Archangel Rafael’s and my human counterparts, asked why we chose to rewrite an Actualization Primer as the first step to recreate sections of the sacred libraries which have been lost or hidden from mankind. We simply chose this starting point because being, doing, and having Read More…


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