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Be Perfect –  Paws 4 A Smile

I don’t know about you, but one of the things I do that really irritates me on reflection is I kid myself that there is a right time, a right place, a right action, right resourcing, and the right people to actualize desires of my heart. I talked to Michael (That’s pretty much how I refer to Archangel Michael, since we’ve been connected for lifetimes.) about this pattern. He has something really interesting to say.

Message from Michael –
Don’t Wait for Perfection, Make a Choice

You have a heart’s desire because you  have been inspired by the Divine. It is your desire. When you imagine your wish’s fulfillment, it brings you joy. Go ahead and own it. Decide to make it happen now so that you can enjoy observing and participating in the actualization process. It’s a great adventure to watch the matter, means, and people come together when you stay out of the way.

Don’t wait. There will never be a “right” time, place, people, and so on. There will only be the time you get committed enough to let the Universe know, “‘Yes,’ this is mine to actualize. I choose this now, and I release this choice for actualization.”

Paws 4 a Smile

I love animals. I make no secret of this. The four kitty princes who currently live with us know they are treasured. People who read what I post on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest have plenty of evidence that helping animals is a passion of mine. But, I’ll bet few people know what my heart’s desire really is, when I think of animals.

I’ve been using processes and products from Perelandra for almost 20 years, with great success. One of the processes that I absolutely love is Machaelle Small Wright’s Soil-less Garden. See I have had many soil-less gardens come to fruition over the years, and I have really enjoyed understanding more and more about the actualization process, working with Nature, and trusting the angels assigned to help me.

A few years ago, our town raised funds for a Disabled Vet who needed a helper dog. That’s when it came to my notice that helper animals are fairly scarce, expensive, and differently-abled people were on long waiting lists for helpers. I had this idea to create a soil-less garden to develop a training so that animals in shelters, not just babies, offered to be and were successfully chosen and trained as helpers. The training would allow animals who usually were passed over as helpers, but were appropriate for training, to be trained (rescuing them from shelters), and the training would be more effective, quicker, and less costly.  We would increase the pool of helper animals and give the animals free to Disabled Vets and at low or no cost to others, depending on need. When we demonstrate the value of this new training method, we would release the training to others who commit to the method, at low cost through a foundation. This would bring some income in to perpetuate training shelter animals as helpers.

For some reason, I felt that I had to fund this myself and have been waiting for an investment clients and friends made on my behalf to fund the foundation. So, I stopped talking to vets, trainers, and interested volunteers and continued to wait. Talk about crazy.

As usual, our Tolen, woke me up to the fact that I was acting insane – waiting for money that was beyond my control to receive –  when I could be choosing and actualizing my vision NOW. So, together we talked about what we could do now to demonstrate my commitment to this project and developed another website, still under construction, By the way, there’s enough of a site up that you will get the idea that we will be celebrating animals there. Paws4ASmile is a place where people can post photos and stories about their beloved pets and other animals. We will encourage success stories about shelter animals who found forever homes but have no intention of being one of those places where a lot of frantic projections are put on our animal friends. See for my take on how to imagine the highest good for an animal and pray gratitude over him or her. This will give you some idea on where I am at in my vision. Believe me, I keep my commitment to myself to pray gratitude over animals daily.

My Commitment to Animals –
Following the Old Saying,
“Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is”

Right now, I am tithing to the animal kingdom. The cats and dogs who have rescued me over the years have nourished and sustained my soul, when no one else could. I tithe in honor of them:

  • by donating for medical care for cats and dogs through various foundations that inspire me
  • by donating food and care items to these foundations through
  • by reposting their needs and encouraging fellow animal lovers to donate, if only $1 through paypal

I also hereby commit to tithe from all future sales of any products and services from Transcendent Journey to an account that is dedicated to the Paws 4 A Smile Foundation. So, if you are an animal lover and decide to work with me, know that you are also supporting the idea that shelter animals can become helpers for our differently-abled family, friends, and neighbors.

If This Post Excites You, Join Me

If you want to be a part of the start-up of this project or if you have contacts for animals trainers and veterinarians or disabled vet organizations, we would love to hear from you. At the moment, we are in fact finding mode about possibilities. If you want to find out how I use soil-less gardens as part of actualizing my choices, stay tuned. At the moment, I’m partnering with a very cool lady, Wendy S. Samuels of,  and the Archangels Michael and Rafael as we write an actualization manual that is going to blow you away by its effectiveness. Writing and experimenting with this information totally has rocked my world, so I know it will yours, too. As always, I will post a release date in my newsletter.





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