Why Do Some People Have Money?
Joy of Having Money

On a little lighter note, I thought I’d share a story about the wealthiest man I have met so far. He was an extremely successful solicitor in England, the son of wealthy parents, who married into another wealthy family. He loved money. Money excited him. If new business came into our law firm, he would call me into his office (I was his legal assistant.). His eyes would sparkle, his posture would lift, and he imagined all the money the client would give him for his services, sometimes even spending it in his mind before he actually received the cash.

So, I’ll bet you think he was a spiritual man who was a positive influence wherever he went. I’m guessing that you think he attended every Law of Attraction and Success workshop available in England and became a manifesting expert. I even would hazard a guess that you think he was a good, generous man, who tithed and helped people whenever he could.

Well, you would be wrong. He was one of the most despicable people I ever met, and no one at our law firm wanted to work with him (even the senior partner thought this guy was a total jerk) or for him (which is why he was willing to hire an American legal assistant, who didn’t know of his reputation for treating staff poorly). This man treated everyone like they were stupid and beneath him.  He was stingy. He refused to take calls from organizations asking for his help. If he made donations through his synagogue, it was with the clear understanding that he would get lauded and applauded or introduced to someone who could contribute to making his career even more successful. He never tithed in the entire five years I worked for him. He never helped anyone, including employees with health or family challenges. He talked to his wife like she was an indentured servant, and I was appalled when he had me sit there and listen to these conversations. The judges at court hated to try cases with him because of his annoying personal habits.

So, Why Did He Always Have Plenty of Money?

As I look at this experience in retrospect, my boss had lots to teach us about having money. First, he always thought and spoke well of money. When he described having money, he always communicated his experience in glowing terms. Second, he loved having lots of money. He had no resistance to having lots of money. Third, he enjoyed imagining what he would do with the money. He didn’t focus on the ups and downs of the day. I would walk into his office, and I could see that he was off again in his imagination. He spent a lot of time in his imagination, playing with his money. I know this because I asked him where he went and he told me he was imagining what he would do when a client paid him. Fourth, he expected to be paid well for his work. He never discounted his services. If people didn’t want to pay him what he asked for, he had no problem with moving them on to someone else. Fifth, when he released a client, he always expected another client to show up. He never worried about his client list, always imagined it growing, was convinced he was the best lawyer in his area and that people would be fighting to get his time.

Having Money is Not about…

being a good person, being a positive influence wherever you go, tithing, giving your money away; explaining to the Universe that you have a lack of money that has to be corrected; or saying negative things about your bank, bank account, bills, or financial status.

It’s about The Joy of Having Money

So, the key to having money is enjoying money. If your relationship with money is joyful because you love money; if you say wonderful things about money; if you expect to have fun with money; if you spend time imagining having money and having fun spending it, then you will have no resistance to receiving money. When you have no resistance to receiving money, money will come to you easily and be your  friend.




Joy of Having Money

Why Do Some People Have Money? Joy of Having Money On a little lighter note, I thought I’d share a story about the wealthiest man I have met so far. He was an extremely successful solicitor in England, the son of wealthy parents, who married into another wealthy family. He loved money. Money excited him. Read More…


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