For Our Soul Family:
Message for the Michaels

I AM Michael. I come to you as representative of the Michaels, the soul family from which all the Michaels flow. I have come to you before as a spokesperson and messenger, and it is my intention to continue to connect with our soul family as we move through the chaos that is creating the conditions for rapid, evolutionary change. This is my message for the Michaels for today, June 12, 2016.

Comfort in Chaos: Orlando

First, I would like to welcome home those family members who have chosen to move on to the next step of their evolutionary path by participating in the Orlando experience. We welcome you home with great honor for the message you have written for the people who remain. Be assured that your transition has contributed to the awakening of many and to the continued dimensional transformation of Planet Earth.

We say these words not for you that are no longer in form but for those who are left behind. Be comforted that love never ends. Life never ends. You are not alone. Your loved ones are with you always, loving you, offering support and comfort. Some day, in the not-too-distant future, on this Planet families will rejoice when their loved ones continue on with their evolution, perhaps in a different location, timeline, even on a different planet, in a different universe. There will be celebrations of transition, filled with joy for experiencing love in form and releasing that form.

I also rejoice in the goodness and compassion that is arising throughout the Orlando community. I see the lines of those wishing to donate blood, with community members feeding them and offering them drink. Even in the darkest moments, there always is the core of pure light and love that lives within every human.

How Form Reality Works on Earth

Now, to the meat of the message for Michaels everywhere. The Earth and all her children (all who live with her) are at the point of evolution where chaos reigns. But, for the core of my message to impact you, you must understand how form reality works on Planet Earth.

Earth is situated in a free will universe. It is a natural world where what you imagine solidifies into form. Nature, a collective from the creative angelic realm, provides the manner, means, and materials that become your actualization. What this means is that choices you make, consciously or unconsciously, are physically provided for you to experience. You are free to experience anything you choose, without judgment from any quarter. You are child of the Divine, a choice maker created in Divine’s image; Nature is Divine’s provider on this planet.

The corollary when you choose this type of freedom is that everything you experience is your creation. It is what you imagine in action. Whether you enjoy a particular experience (or the steps to take to get you to the experience you imagined) or not, you are its creator. Therefore, there is a high degree of personal responsibility agreed to by those journeyers who decide to experience life on Planet Earth. In the coming days, I will be speaking about actualization in this context, and you can return here to see how this information is formatted and shared.

Stability vs. Chaos

So, you might ask me, “Michael, why are things getting so chaotic?” So that you understand the answer to this question, let me explain how stability is sustained. In order for a natural world to remain in form and sustain a free will choice environment, every choice from the most positive to the most negative must be allowed for in the planet’s rebalancing process. Usually, this balance is maintained by a fairly stable light quotient. You might think of the light quotient as the ratio of light to dark; positive to negative; happy to sad. Light quotient operates on a sort of continuum that allows for the darkest darks, the lightest lights, and various gradations in between. Light quotient, on a planet that is stable in its dimensional/time/space context, remains 50/50, with a 5 point margin of error in either direction. Every participant on Earth is a part of the balancing of the light quotient. Rebalancing happens on the energetic level. It is not a personal process. Your chosen experiences fit into the whole.

Chaos: Catalyst of Rapid Change

The Earth quickly is moving through the Fourth Dimension into the Fifth Dimension in order to complete her own evolutionary shift. The Fourth Dimension is often referred to as the astral plane, and because on the lower frequency bands in this dimension, there are those who pretend to be someone or something they are not, it is often called, “the Dimension of Lies.” Because Earth is moving through the Fourth Dimension, it can be difficult for people to trust what they perceive, and this lack of trust relationship contributes to the chaos. Therefore, discernment is extremely important. Let me give you a tip. If you ask someone on the astral plane who they are or to repeat what they said three times, it is Universal Law that the third time he/she speaks, they must tell the truth. So, get in the habit of finding ways to ask questions 3 times while Earth is in the Fourth Dimension.

Too, as part of the Earth’s evolutionary change process, we are seeing the darkest of the darks and the lightest of the lights, with few neutral places. Let me explain why this is happening. The Earth actually is returning to the Fifth Dimension. In the past she had evolved even beyond that. A cosmic event knocked her out of her dimensional position. So, think of Earth’s dimensional jumps as something like a sling shot, where the Earth moves quickly from one dimension to the next. Essentially, a process that would take billions of years is happening quickly because it is a return to her home dimension. The tension between the extremes that is driving Earth’s momentum can be perceived as extremely chaotic.

How this operates is that the tension between opposites becomes too difficult to maintain in the current dimension. Think of this like a rubber band that is being pulled in two opposite directions. The darkest darks are pulling in one direction; the lightest lights are pulling in another. This creates a tremendous amount of tension, and many of your pick up on these vibrations and feel very uncomfortable. What will happen in the future is that the tension will become so great that the rubber band will snap. That snap will sling shot the Earth into the Fifth Dimension. What people are feeling and judging as uncomfortable is the rapidity of change and the momentum of the process.

What Can I Do to Navigate the Chaos?

During this part of my talk, I am going to be activating light packets, keys, and codes that are embedded in the energy field of every Michael. These activate inbuilt support for you in the form of information, skills and connections that can help you, and healing and other codes that will support your body as it goes through the dimensional shift with you.

Michael’s Guidance

I know you want to see positive change in this world, and you feel that there is something you can do to support this positivity. Some even feel that their value as an energy worker somehow is measured by how well the world is doing or that if non-physical support was more appropriate, life for everyone would be better. In the context of chaotic change, nothing could be further from the truth. The chaos is designed to support Earth’s return to her position as the Planet of Gold, and you are here now because you chose to have this experience.

Almost thirty years ago, the Archangel Michael, representing the Michaels, said:

“You can fight, right wrongs, try to force the dark to become light” OR “You can create the reality you want to live in.” “But, you can’t do both at the same time.”

Let me translate this in more clear terms, decades after these words were first uttered.

“You can continue to judge aspects of reality as bad and wrong and try to change them, even fight to stop or try to punish those who you perceive are responsible for the wrongness. This will keep you locked into duality, where you could be at risk from the chaos.” OR

“You can create for yourself and your dependents the experiences you long to have. But, you must commit to move as much as you can into Oneness. The first step in this movement is accepting what is.”

Remember that as the Earth moves toward the Fifth Dimension, which is the Gateway to Complete Awareness of Oneness, duality will continue to degrade because it cannot move into the higher dimensions of reality. Therefore, some of the issues of imbalance and pain that many Michaels experience devolve from keeping one foot in duality and the other foot in Oneness. Your physical body cannot easily maintain the vibrational spread between duality and Oneness. The closer the Earth gets to immersing into the the Fifth Dimension, the less able you will be to maintain this split. So, now is the time to claim your authenticity and stop pretending that you are a third dimensional human, the victim of people and circumstances beyond your control. Now is the time to claim your true inheritance as a creator by choice. It is what it is.

The Activation

As a child of Divine, you are perfect, whole, complete, sovereign, and free NOW. This is what it is.

Now is the time for you to live this Truth. You are One with and always connected to Divine. Your awareness of this connection and the guidance and trends that flow from that strengthen with every breath you take. It is what it is.

Anything and everything that does not support this truth does not belong to you and will return, at cause, effect, and cause of causes, to Point of Origin with Ten Thousandfold of Consciousness continually until any and all misunderstandings of the Law and Truth are returned to Origin. This process is easy, effortless, and comfortable. It is what it is.

Now is the time for you to create and maintain your island of sustainability, tranquility, ease, comfort, and peace. The sky may be falling around you, but on your island, the sky is not falling on you. This is what it is.

Now is the time to gather your dependent children (12 and under), dependent adults (disabled and the elderly), and pets and focus on creating the life you wish to live within your island of sustainability. It is what it is.

Anything and everything that does not allow the creation and maintenance of your island of sustainability does not belong to you and will return, at cause, effect, and cause of causes to Point of Origin with Ten Thousandfold of Consciousness. This process is easy, effortless, and comfortable. It is what it is.

Islands of sustainability have always existed in this Universe. These are the places where those who are the pathfinders for change have gathered with their families and friends. These are the communities where, if you find them, welcome all unconditionally. Now is the time for these Islands of Sustainability to form a strong network of energy connection and communication. It is what it is.


I AM Michael. In the Names and in the Divine Holy Light of Infinite Source of All Sources and from the I AM THAT I AM I call forth from the 100% pure Divine Holy Light Unseen, Seen, Non-Local, Local to the here and now all that IS, releasing all that IS NOT to its own evolutionary path. As I have said this, let it be so now. I AM Michael.









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