You Choose – What World Do You Want to Live in?

Being on social media is very educational. One of the things I like about participating is that I get to know people, what makes them tick, what they’re passionate about, when they are geographically removed from me. Since I, too, have favorite causes I advocate for – my love of animals, music, art, theatre, travel; my desire that we all wake up to the notion that God in Everything does matter so that people’s natural inclination is to make sure all of Mother Earth’s children have real food, clean water, fresh air, appropriate shelter – I appreciate being a part of the conversation.

Generally, people go about supporting causes in two different ways. We have one camp who believes that revealing the graphic truth of circumstances and demanding the punishment of evil doers is the way to make change. Then, there is the group who report successes – animals found, cared for, fed, watered, sheltered, and moving into the loving arms of their furever families. When I see posts go by, I often wonder who is more successful at their advocacy. I know I gravitate toward those organizations and people who act in successful ways to be part of the solution, not those who just cry out about the problem.

It’s Time to Choose

This introduction naturally leads me to share guidance that Michael gave me several years ago:

Mel, you can’t live your life with one foot in each world. You can either fight the war against or you can create something different. But, you can’t do both at the same time.

When he shared, I was many years into my identity as one of his favorite spiritual warriors. Of course, that made sense at the time I met Michael, since one of his roles is to protect the innocent. But, to tell you the truth, spiritual warfare was getting old. My body’s recovery time was longer and longer. The problem was that when you win one battle; another enemy rises up to take the loser’s place. It seemed to be never-ending.

The Power of Questions

As humans, our inclination is to maintain the conditions around us, after all our bodies are programmed to accept limitation until we see that there could be so much more if we integrated our non-physical into our daily lives. So, how did I move from an identity as a warrior to practicing personal authenticity?

I did this by asking questions. When a situation came up that normally would trigger my finely honed protector instincts, I would ask, “Do I really want to fight now?” Wow, that question itself was an eye-opener.  Others were, “Will winning this battle be good for my body?” “Do I want to pay the price in physical suffering to take care of this?” “Will winning this battle stop this circumstance from recurring?” By questioning, I slowed myself down enough to figure out whether a choice was conditioning or authenticity. So, I have become a devotee of asking questions as a spiritual practice.


Because duality is designed to maintain extremes and everything in between and your introduction to life on Planet Earth is in duality, your family, church, schools, government, and entertainment systems are created to maintain your homogenous position as part of the whole. This makes sense to your body because your physiology connects with being part of a herd. The animal in you has a drive for safety and security. Being the same as everyone else insures your acceptance in and protection by the  group.

But, does sameness allow you to express your unique gifts? Does it open your world up for even greater possibilities? Does something inside you hunger for more than working 49 weeks a year, for a boss you don’t really vibe with, taking a 3 week vacation if you can afford one, and then retiring at 65-70 to be happy (This is code for living authentically.)?

You Can Choose Another World

Instead of following duality’s program, there are other worlds out there where you can co-create any experience you wish to have. Don’t let that notion scare you. These worlds exist in the same physical space as this one. You don’t have to leave your children, pets, and dependent loved ones behind. There are plenty of folks who have made this journey before you, so there are road maps everywhere. You won’t starve or end up homeless unless you choose that experience, because miraculous support will start showing up in your life.

What does this new world have to offer? How about choices that are based on the feelings of good, better, best, and even beyond best? Would that motivate you? What if actualizing desired for experiences happened with ease and joy? Would you want to do what it takes to live from that state of grace?

Will the new world have challenges? Yes. But, you’ll be able to kick it into neutral, and all of a sudden, you’ll be excited by the possibilities of creating something different.

So, what’s the catch, because this sounds to good to be true? The catch is that you have to be willing to question everything about who you are, what you do, and what you have. When you get down to the fundamentals, like others before you, you will realize that there is a non-physical component to who you are (soul, spirit, higher self, I AM) who you haven’t allowed to play in your life, for most of you unless you were desperate. Bringing that non-physical self into balance with your body is the key that unlocks the door to the New Earth AND this process is one your body initially will resist.

Is It Worth Choosing?

It’s so worth it. I’ve more than doubled my resource pool in less than six months. I’ve had physical and non-physical buddies show up to support me as I’ve worked through the kinks in my system. In fact, I’ve worked with Michael, Rafael, Grace, Faith, and my BFF Wendy over the last year, and we’ve moved through lifetimes of conditioning and developed tools we’ve successfully used and want to share with those who come after us. So, stay tuned. If the New Earth is for you, we will launch our support system to help you through the process soon. How could it get any better than this?





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