Michael on Separation; Zero Separation

If you follow my blog, you may be aware that I’ve been writing prayers that support the process of remembering zero separation. So, when I was looking over various posts I haven’t published yet, I found one that Michael, from the Pure Divine Angelic Realm, wrote on separation; zero separation. It is so profound and supportive of the reawakening process, I felt it appropriate to share with Transcendent Journey readers.

Michael’s Perspective on Separation; Zero Separation


I wanted to take the opportunity this morning to give you a model so that you can better understand how you may perceive separation and zero separation as well as transitioning from one to the other.

Your native state is one of flow and inclusion. You are a drop of water in the ocean of creation –  sometimes focusing your awareness on your uniqueness as a drop within the ocean; other times focusing your awareness on the vastness of you as the ever-expanding ocean. So, your natural state is to easily shift awareness from your individuality to your being the All and back. This natural ebb and flow of awareness feeds back to the All that Is, and your observations of your experiences are recorded in the living library, the Akasha.

For the sake of this discussion, let us look at how you solidified your position as an individual. When you elected to experience this ebb and flow in form reality, you created your body, a Source-Intelligent being with the ability to communicate, move, and don and conform to various disguises so that you could play with form. As part of your costume, you chose many lenses of perception to gaze through. These perspectives gave you the illusion of being separate from the All, of being out of the ebb and flow of Source reality. This also gave you the ability to explore the concept of limitation and how limitation effects experience. Because of the range of emotions one can experience on Earth, you may often feel stuck in pain because you are about as far away from perceiving the truth of who you are as you can get.

So, let’s say you are focused on the individual you are now. You have taken on lenses of nationality, gender, family, genetics, education, religion, culture, and so on. Then you add the illusion of time and your perceptions of how the limitations you chose to experience have effected you in that past and may effect you in the future. At this point, you may have so many different colored lenses over your eyes, that everything looks like you are gazing through mud. When you look through the mud, all you feel is the pain of having a limited existence. This exactly is what you chose to create, and frankly, from my view, you are very brave to participate in this experiment.

Does this scenario fundamentally change you? No! At your core, you are still the same being you were before you donned a body, put on your colored glasses, and went full force into the experience of separation. But, why is it so hard to remember? Why is it so difficult to remove the costume and the colored glasses, when the play is no longer any fun? It is because your body is a master of disguise and was created to hang on to the conditioning of the limitations you choose to experience. If your body wasn’t so good at accepting and working within limitations, you would never be able to experience separation at all, because your natural pattern is one of freedom of expression. In fact your body is so good at this type of play, it continues to forget that together you are one being. It allows its conditioning to trump the truth that everything is connected, perhaps even fighting you for “control” over your life experiences in order to maintain the conditioning.

So, what we are exploring with the actualization material really is a deprogramming process. We help you learn to clear your mind and emotions so that you can go to a neutral state of observing your experience without judgment. This returns you spiritually, mentally, and emotionally to the awareness of your state of flow. From this neutral state, we begin deprogramming your body from the illusion of separation and open it up to remember that it is a container for you to fill. This returns you both to appropriate partnership. In your body’s home dimension, this process takes time.

There is much more for us to discuss in the future, like the fact that each lenses of perception also represents a DNA pair that is turned off in your body as part of the conditioning it accepts to help you experience separation. But, I basically wanted you both to know that your observations are on point and that the deprogramming process takes time in your reality. Think of your body as a person who is kidnapped and kept for years by the Cult of Separation. There are layers and layers of programs to release, while primal fears surface to keep the conditioning in place. Much compassion and care is needed, and I know that Rafael has begun to introduce support systems for you both as you move through this process so that you can help others.

Will there be many of you? With all the volunteers that surfaced during the Harmonic Convergence, at one point we thought there would be hundreds of thousands of you breaking free of limitation and acting as conduits for Source frequencies, energies, magnetics, and realities, as the Earth moves through her chosen dimensional shift. As your timelines have shifted and the amount of work and dedication required to deprogram became more and more apparent, many chose to remain moving in and out of separation.

One more thought – Perhaps this is the best way I can speak about your vulnerability. Remember that most of your brothers and sisters prefer to be in separation. Their bodies are supremely conditioned to maintain separation, no matter how painful it gets. They are more afraid of change than they are of suffering. So, many maintain a position of being asleep to other possibilities, and do not see the Earth’s position as relevant to their experiences. These are the people who will believe you are crazy and should be locked up, if your presence is known and they are manipulated to believe you are a danger to the status quo. As for those who take advantage of the experiment to act out scenarios with the highest degrees of separation to gain power, let us just say that in their reality, you becoming free is not particularly desirable. So, while you are in the beginning stages of your restoration process, just know that you are being guarded and watched over. If you wish more conscious input to this process, please feel free to speak with us. When your body is more stable and you are able to ground more and more of your wholeness, this discussion will be moot.

As always, I am here for you both,


Picture credit:    Those who favor fire by Imaliea

Digital Art / Drawings & Paintings / Fantasy ©2011-2014 Imaliea


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