Winter Solstice – Return of the Christ Light

Return of the Christ Light Winter Solstice in Egypt

Be Blessed on Winter Solstice –
Return of the Christ Light

As you can see by the way Egyptians built their monuments, the importance of Winter Solstice has been noted since Ancient Times. So, I would like to share some simple ways to celebrate Winter Solstice and hope you will join me. Remember, we are celebrating the Return of the Christ Light. That not only happens in the natural world. It happens within you, too.

Why Celebrate Winter Solstice?
The Law of Correspondence

Everything we need to know about how reality operates in our world occurs in Nature, because we live in a Natural World that follows Natural Law. One of the foundational Universal Laws is the Law of Correspondence:

As above, so below. As within, so without.

What I personally like most about the Law of Correspondence is how easy it is to signal yourself that it is “okay” to change. Making change easy is a great skill to have during these chaotic times. That’s why I coach people how to change.

So, the Law of Correspondence isn’t that difficult to operate. Let me reframe it for you.

If you want to change something, change something.

Does it matter what you change to grease the wheels of transformation? No, not really. I’ve even recommended clients to tie their shoes in a way that is opposite to habitual shoe tying.

Winter Solstice Celebration –
Making Change Fun

I love designing medicine wheels, altars, ceremonies, and sacred song fests. It’s an enjoyable way to look at what is and adjust reality to better match my preferences. Since we live in a cyclical universe where certain energy peaks, like solstices, are well-documented, it only makes sense to go with the flow of the energy at these times.

So, here are some ways I enjoy celebrating Winter Solstice and invite the light back into my life, my body, and my home:

  • I clean out my fire place with joyful intentions and set my first winter fire, inviting the Christ Light to return to our home.
  • I put my new winter fragrance candles on a mirror, light them, and do some candle flame gazing.
  • I put on my favorite holiday music and sing along. Sometimes I even walk around the house, intending to load joy frequencies into the house while I sing.
  • I meditate on the Christ Light and see it is a flame within every cell of my body. I then expand the Christ Light into my organs, systems, the room I’m in, my home, my neighborhood, my town, my state, my world, my universe and even beyond that. Then, I reverse the energy and bring the Christ Light into my heart space.
  • I invite Source Christ Light to live in me and my life and demonstrate its presence.
  • At times in my life when I’ve had physical and/or emotional pain, I invite the Christ Light into my pain. This really helps me when I experience Seasonal Affective Disorder. In fact, you can invite the Christ Light into every and any aspect of your life.
  • I design a feast with yule decorations to share with family and friends. We’ve even set a place for the Christ to come and feast with us!

Watch How Your Life Changes

Each and every time I stop looking at my Holiday To Do List, slow down, and choose joyful celebration of the return of the Christ Light, I am inviting the Christ Light to move through me and my life. Over the last 30 years of celebrating Source in all its different disguises, I can tell you that I change more easily, I have more fun, I travel more, and I receive more and more. It is my heartfelt wish that you experience this ease and grace, too.

I would like to thank Getty Photos and point you to the National Geographic article where the feature photo appears:

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