Are You Friends with Your Body?

On the spiritual path, many of us seem to focus on external factors as a measure of how successful our journey is. I remember the first time I worked for a psychic hotline, the manager told me, “Don’t be surprised. All folks are going to ask you is “When am I going to get laid?” and “When am I going to get paid?” That was over 20 years ago, but the trend hasn’t changed very much. I listen to most of the cutting edge spiritual development teleconferences, and financial, physical, and relationship healing all seem to be the hot topics. Underneath is that we all want to feel loved, accepted, and valued. In our world looking at external factors is what we are conditioned to focus on.

I’ve been looking at my own journey, and I have to confess that there are times I look at my ability to make choices as either being enhanced or stopped by my financial and health conditions. It’s like I’ve said to Infinite Source, “If you loved me, my health would be better.” “If you valued the contribution I make to life, I’d have more money.” Of course, when I return to this habitual conditioning, I get stuck.

Why Do We Get Stuck?

I’ve done some deep contemplation after listening to some of the best mentors out there, and I believe one reason why we get stuck is that many of us have such a poor relationship with our body. Our relationship with our body is the fundamental actualization of our relationship with self. If this relationship doesn’t work, then nothing else works. You aren’t empty enough to receive your heart’s desire, when the container is overflowing with old trash.

So, let’s be honest and take a look at this. When you arrive on the planet, you don’t get an instruction manual. You have to learn how to do life here by following the examples your family sets. Many of us were born into families who didn’t remember the Oneness, multi-dimensionality, empowered abilities. It’s no wonder that we forget who we are so quickly, that we pick up conditioning in order to survive. Unfortunately, in the world most of the conditioning is disempowering.

In my mind’s eye, I imagine being aware that my Mom is heavily pregnant, smoking because she was stressed out, complaining about how she looks. I once had a breath work session where I worked on being in the womb and experienced being overwhelmed by my Mother’s smoking. As I breathed, the room literally filled up with smoke, and I learned after the session that my Mom did indeed smoke when she was pregnant, even though I didn’t know that at the time of the session. What’s important about that is that even in utero I learned that acquiring an addiction to deal with stress is okay and that bodies were ugly when fat.  No wonder I didn’t appreciate having a body very much.

I started dealing with this notion when I did a week long seminar with Rikka Zimmerman. She gave the perfect description of how most people relate to their bodies, because of conditioning. Rikka said that we abuse our bodies like they were dumb animals that need to be controlled. She pointed out that we wouldn’t treat our pets as poorly as we do our bodies, for fear of getting reported for animal abuse. I’ve really delved deeply into this line of thinking, and I do believe that at times  I make harsh demands of my body, feed and water it as little as possible, and criticize its performance. No wonder I sometimes feel my material life is less than stellar. Does this sound familiar? What if you compound the issue by hating being on the planet, because “nothing works right here.”

How Do We Create More Space around Physicality?

Think of all the things your body provides that you need to negotiate life. Your body is mobile. It walks, moves. Your hand can reach up and touch another. Your  body can communicate. You have a voice or can move your  hands in sign language. Your body perceives your experience. You wouldn’t know what is going on in this reality without your senses. Your body allows you to feel. Imagine a life without the coolness and sweetness of your favorite ice cream on your tongue. These gifts and more are foundational to your soul’s decision to embody on a material planet. Movement, communication, connection, pleasure, and perception are such gifts. Many  souls seek to be here to receive this gift and wonder why you don’t appreciate the opportunity. So, just be grateful. Every day write something you like about  your body in your Gratitude Journal, even if it’s the same thing every day. See how a little gratitude begins to improve your relationship with your body.

Tapping to Improve Your Soul/Body Connection

I’ve been a bit impatient with the inertia I’ve been experiencing lately, and I talked to a friend of mine about my concerns. She suggested that I hunt up and go through the course again. Tapping is a form of needleless acupuncture, where you tap on various meridians (energy lines) in your body to release stuck energy. Magnus does a much better job of describing the process in his videos, and the Introduction and First Level of the course are Magnus’s gift to us all.

Once you go through The Tapping Course,  you can begin doing your own tapping scripts. This morning I went through the Introduction to The Tapping Course and then tapped through a script that started with this set-up statement, “Even though I see no evidence that God loves me, I choose to deeply and completely love,  honor, forgive, and accept myself.” I was able to bring up and release quite a bit of content in a few rounds of tapping.  I will keep you posted about my tapping experiences.





Your Soul/Body Connection

Are You Friends with Your Body? On the spiritual path, many of us seem to focus on external factors as a measure of how successful our journey is. I remember the first time I worked for a psychic hotline, the manager told me, “Don’t be surprised. All folks are going to ask you is “When Read More…

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