Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work

Most people who attend Law of Attraction workshops are fairly new to the spiritual path. Because of this, they don’t understand that spirituality is a way of being in your life.  Too, they feel if they attend a few classes  or listen to a few sets  of audios/videos, they will be able to manifest what they want that they do not currently have. When their results don’t meet their expectations, they exclaim, “Law of Attraction doesn’t work.”

One of the main issues I’ve noticed about Law of Attraction teachings is that most of the information providers  really never describe how Law of Attraction works, because it’s a “secret.” So, students only have a surface understanding and often translate that viewpoint into fanaticism about only saying positive things, never losing their temper, and so on so that they have a better chance at manifesting. This simplistic interpretation of how Law of Attraction works is a misunderstanding of this Universal Law.

How Law of Attractions Works

I’m about  to shoot a few sacred cows, so buckle up. Your point of attraction is vibrational. It’s your frequency, and you broadcast that frequency wherever you go. The Universe hears your unique sound and matches your reality to those persons, places, things, and circumstances that you can deal with at that frequency. (In other words, you generally won’t manifest much less or more than you have now, until you upgrade your frequency.)

Upgrading your frequency is not about judging what you say as negative or positive. In fact, the Universe doesn’t judge you and never even listens to what you  say or think. The Universe could care less whether you say or think positive or negative things. The Universe is much more cued into your emotions (energy in motion), and it’s the amount of energy in motion that the Universe looks at. So, big, high velocity emotions, like rage, get paid attention to. Whereas, low velocity emotions such as depression don’t get much attention. The issue with respect to big, high velocity emotions is that they are going to bring a lot of what you already have into your reality, whether you judge what you receive as good or bad. To summarize the truth of how Law of Attraction works, the Universe unerringly reads your frequency, however you came to that vibration, and delivers your reality within the range of options your frequency matches. This is kind and compassionate, allowing you to only handle what you are equipped to deal with.

The best thing you can do with big, high velocity emotions is focus the energy at a pattern you want to move out of your  experience. For example, righteous anger pointed toward a pattern you are sick and tired of seeing is one of the easiest ways to break up the habit of going to that pattern. This generally will give your frequency a boost, if you don’t invite the pattern back into your life. Similarly, the only reason why you casually may choose to monitor your thoughts and speech is that they do make a slight contribution to your overall vibrational pattern.

How Do I Raise My Vibrational Offering?

  1. Meditate – Being quiet puts you into a receptive state. Most Westerners are taught to give but not to receive. So, meditating is a good way to increase your ability to receive, because receiving only occurs in the passive phase of an actualization cycle. (This means when you are inactive.)
  2. Tone/Chant/Sing – Listening to uplifting music, chanting, and toning are part of every ancient spiritual tradition. The more you use these tools, the more increase you’ll see in your  frequency.
  3. Hang Out in Nature – Nature is in perfect balance always. Take Nature walks and over time notice the various cycles. Apply what Nature is teaching you to your life.
  4. Release Some of Your Low Vibrational Habits – Addictions of any kind — alcohol, cigarettes, food, sex, relationships, video games, tv — will lower your frequency. Sooner or later dealing with how you really feel about your experience will open you  up to vibrational increase.
  5. Be Grateful – All of my clients and students are required to keep a Gratitude Journals. They write at least five things they are grateful for, when they wake up in the morning. Most keep a little notebook to note blessings during the day, too.
  6. Dance/Movement/Yoga/QiGong – Energy moving creates more space in your body. More space encourages vibrational increase.
  7. Breathe – Instead of judging an energy, a feeling, a circumstance as good/bad for you, just breathe it through until you feel more space/freedom.

Ask for a Specific Feeling

My last suggestion is so important to increasing your frequency, that I am giving it a separate paragraph. Instead of making a detailed vision board, goal list, ideal day filled with huge amounts of detail so that the Universe knows exactly what you want, ask yourself, “What feeling will I have when I receive___________?” Most of you limit your amount of experience in any given frequency range, because you are in unconscious, habitual manifestation. So, instead of limiting what you can experience at your range of vibration, ask:

  • How can I feel more joy?
  • How can I feel more satisfaction?
  • How can I come to more peace?
  • How can I feel abundant?
  • How can I feel supported?
  • How can I feel certain I am heard?
  • That connection, I liked it. How can I experience more of that?
  • Is there another situation I’m a match for that would feel better than this?

Then, watch the Universe deliver more experiences to choose from.

 Actualization/Manifestation in a Nut Shell

Ultimately, you were designed to be a decision maker. You are living in duality to give you a broad range of contrast to have more interesting decisions come into your experience. Decisionmaking is your role in the actualization/manifestation process. The matter, means, people, circumstances, and resources are God’s domain. God will provide everything and everyone necessary for an actualization, when you are ready for the experience. So, be patient, keep asking questions, and make more decisions. In this way, you will keep the energy flowing in your life and you will experience vibrational increase.





Why Is Law of Attraction Not Working for me?

Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work Most people who attend Law of Attraction workshops are fairly new to the spiritual path. Because of this, they don’t understand that spirituality is a way of being in your life.  Too, they feel if they attend a few classes  or listen to a few sets  of audios/videos, they will Read More…

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