No Longer Feel Alone

Michael No Longer Feel Alone

Michael and Me:
No Longer Feel Alone

I’m in the middle of creating a healing chamber to support me on the next step of my journey. As I went through my plan and did more research, I slipped into what I call, “Michael and Me” mode. That’s the place where Michael and I connect, where we both are one thing, all things, and no things, where our thoughts meet and meld. Once I felt our connection, I wondered why I didn’t plug into this awareness more often.

One of the things I’ve noticed since my reawakening on the spiritual path – and yes, it’s been over 30 years now – is how lonely, misunderstood, and under-supported I feel at times. It came to me that as a human being, and rightly so, most of my focus is on the worldly. Moreover, the older I get, the more of my friends and family members cross over into Non-Physical. I can no longer see, hear, and feel them with my five senses. I grieve for their physical presence, for one more hug. But, this tunnel vision doesn’t always allow me to remember that I am not alone, that my brothers and sisters in spirit are always with me. They are only an awareness away.

We often look to Non-Physical for answers we think we don’t have, for power we think we can’t pick up. Nothing could be further from the truth.

My companions are not here to be, do, and have my life. They are not here because somehow they can do my life better than I can. They are here because they love me and can bring me their unique awareness of my journey, when I relax and allow them to share. They can be an abiding loving presence, someone to share experiences with, as much as any beloved physical friend or family member.

It’s time for me to remember how very blessed I am in their company, and if you are like me, you, too, have many such companions to be grateful for. Let us begin again and invite those who come here in the Original Name and Divine Holy Light of INFINITE SOURCE OF ALL SOURCES through the I AM THAT I AM and are benevolent, life-affirming, and serve our highest and best as it flows into the highest and best for all concerned come to the banquet table once more and break bread.











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