Ready for the Next Level on the Spiritual Path?

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What Transcendent Journey Is  About:
Getting Ready for the Next Level
on the Spiritual Path

Scenario One – You Are Shifting Levels


Being on the spiritual path will change your life. For most who embark on this journey, this notion will excite them. After all, aren’t there goodies out there to experience – trips to foreign lands, meditations in exotic locations, holy people not yet met, seminars that offer mystical experiences and untold expansion, the latest spiritual tool that is going to make this transformation easier?

But, what really happens when you begin to change, when you actually raise your vibrational offering to enhance your ability to be more and hence receive more? Why doesn’t anyone tell you that during this transition you could lose your job, your house, friends and family members, your health, your sanity from time-to-time? Why aren’t most facilitators up front about the effects of resistance and how resistance slows your shift down, what part cellular memory plays in your body’s integration of a shift and how to handle memories at the cellular level? No wonder people who begin their spiritual walk start out so very excited and periodically end up in the depths of despair because of the struggle.

So, how can you prepare for and handle these shifts in lifestyle, identity, support systems, mind set, emotional content, geographical location, energy resilience,…? Do you want a guide, an older sister on the path who has an empowering spiritual lineage and an amazing tool kit, who understands the ups and downs, is unafraid of being vulnerable and will tell you the truth about her experiences on the spiritual path? If these questions mean something to you, that is why you’ve found Transcendent Journey.

Scenario Two – You Support People
Who Are Shifting Levels

Because I have been blessed with empowering spiritual connections, lineage Elders, activations, dispensations, and fabulous tools teachers, coaches, and healers find me. They want to take their abilities as facilitators and empowerers to the next level and need a fresh perspective, hands-on mentoring, and deeper connections to non-physical and non-traditional allies. If you have been asking for this kind of support so that you can support those who are shifting levels while you are shifting levels yourself, you have come to the right place.

Be Welcome

No matter how or why you found Transcendent Journey, please be welcome. Let’s get ready for and support your shift to the next level on the spiritual path together. I am looking forward to being a part of your journey.

What Can You Expect to Learn from Transcendent Journey?

As your guide, I begin creating a map for our walk together by blogging about my daily experiences in the Travelogue. I share the ups and downs, the questions that come up for me, the tools that help me, the people who influence me, the insights I’ve gained, and more importantly the way I apply what I’ve learned. You can come to the Travelogue (my blog) for a reality check and learn how one person handles her experiences on the spiritual path. Then, you can decide whether you want to incorporate these insights and tools into your daily journey. So, I suggest checking in often. Since the Travelogue is my giveaway in honor of the Elders in physical and non-physical, there is no charge for these teachings.

What Support Do I Provide?

I provide digital tools at affordable prices. Since I’ve had over twenty-five years experience transferring energy and information digitally, this medium feels very natural to me. So, please expect to see community support in the form of newsletters, teleseminars, webinars, ebooks, audios, and videos.

Since I first envisioned what support I would offer, I have reestablished my working relationship with Archangel Michael who I transchanneled for many years earlier in my calling. He is partnering with me on several projects at the moment, so I’ve created the “I Am Michael” section of the website for the messages he wishes to share through Transcendent Journey.

I completed a cycle of mentoring with SARK, the New York Times Best-Selling author and visionary artist. During the time I spent with her, I have written the first five chapters of my book, Transcendent Journey – The Prequel. In this book, I share how I received my spiritual calling, what it was like for me when Archangel Michael came into my life, ad how my life changed. New readers automatically will receive this sample when they subscribe to Uplift, my newsletter.

What’s Coming Down the Road

  • Is your journey just too tough? Are your losses too great to bear? Is the pain of your path so great, you are just stuck? What if you could change that? Would support tools that show you how to change that pattern help you? Would you like to go in the same direction but at a different speed or with more comfort and ease? If your answers are, “Yes,” then you are going to love our actualization tools, and you’ll want to check in often to get the release dates for each tool.
  • I’ve been tinkering in my alchemist’s lab with body support tools for those who are having physical challenges during their Ascension Process. As you know from my last newsletter, I expected to release a pre-publishing copy of this ebook to my newsletter followers last month. Would you please be a little more patient with me on this? I’m taking a look at several things that I think will make a significant difference to the way your body feels.
  • Many people on the path want more money and other resources. Are you one of them? Did you know that having great information and being able to talk about how you apply this information is valuable? So, I’m going to begin a series of emodules for creatives and spiritual entrepreneurs. The first module is complete and deals with reaching out to people on the Internet and building relationships. Did you know that you could share products and services without having a website, if you have outreach? This emodule is a  social media primer for people on the spiritual and creative paths.
  • I’ve connected with several mentors, processes, and tools over the past two years of my journey. I’ve sorted through what works and what doesn’t. I offer my reviews and recommendations in the Toolkit Section of my website.

How Do I Begin My Journey?

I invite you to sign up for Uplift, my monthly newsletter, by filling in the subscriber form on the right side of this page. Uplift is the place where I will first announce what I’m going to share next, and you’ll be surprised at how timely the content is to what is going on in your life.

Check my blog, the Travelogue, often and feel free to leave me comments or suggestions. I want to know what you need so that together we can create more ease, elegance, and grace on your journey.

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I want you to join me so that together we can experience joy, abundance, resilience, flexibility, and out-of-the-box solution creation on your spiritual journey. These skills can help you move through painful situations with more elegance, ease, and grace. These skills can enhance your positive experiences on the path and take you to the next level as a teacher, healer, coach, spiritual entrepreneur, and creative. You already have begun!

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