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Joy of Having Money

Why Do Some People Have Money? Joy of Having Money On a little lighter note, I thought I’d share a story about the wealthiest man I have met so far. He was an extremely successful solicitor in England, the son of wealthy parents, who married into another wealthy family. He loved money. Money excited him. Read More…


Stop Retelling Your Story

I had an amazing breakthrough after having a phone conversation with Adam King a few weeks ago. As I listen to Panache’s sacred music and Adam’s Emerge (from Earthbound) this morning, I thought I’d share more about this experience. Why Did You Phone Me? When Adam asked me this one simple question, the reason why Read More…


My intention is for my body to live in the experience of “a gracious plenty.” A gracious plenty is a multi-layered Southern idiom. It’s like when you sit down to a family feast that has been so deliciously abundant, and your hostess asks if you want more. You say, “I’ve had a gracious plenty.” I Read More…


Panache Desai’s Eightfold Path

Since I’m going to be sharing my experience of the Eightfold Path of Vibrational Increase with you over the next several weeks, I thought you might like to watch or listen to the introductory material Panache Desai shared. Here is the URL to the page where you can access the teachings:


Panache Desai – Action

As part of the Eightfold Path of Vibrational Increase, Panache Desai shared this teaching on Action on Livestream. If you want to follow my 21-Day journey with Panache, starting on August 28, please check in here daily! Receiving shaktipat from Panache opened so many doors for me. I’m very excited about supporting my body’s desire Read More…


Panache Desai on Perception

I committed to working with Panache Desai for 21 Days, starting on August 28. We were asked to focus on one area of our lives where we desired vibrational increase. I am focusing on actualizing Gracious Plenty for my body. I will keep you posted on this part of my journey, as always. Receiving shaktipat Read More…


Why Is Law of Attraction Not Working for me?

Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work Most people who attend Law of Attraction workshops are fairly new to the spiritual path. Because of this, they don’t understand that spirituality is a way of being in your life.  Too, they feel if they attend a few classes  or listen to a few sets  of audios/videos, they will Read More…


When You Can’t Accept

What Happens when You Don’t Accept What Is Law of Attraction pretty much is mainstream these days, but most people, even after taking classes or listening to audios, still can’t apply what they’ve learned to increase their point of attraction. What I found is that there were circumstances in my life I just couldn’t accept, Read More…

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